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Great news:
Thanks to popular demand and support from Göteborgs Stad, RABBIT/DUCK festival will happen for the second time in October 2024...
This year's line-up will be revealed soon... Stay tuned!


Annual interdisciplinary festival at scen 46

RABBIT/DUCK is an interdisciplinary art festival at Scen 46, facilitated by No Deadline. The festival was shown in connection with GIBCA Extended 2023. The festival is supported by Göteborgs Stad. During a three-day performative feast; dance, music, visual arts, and poetry will co-exist; creating an art symbiosis of different shapes and forms under the same roof. Contemporary artists from different art fields will come together to break the borders between art forms and celebrate what we all have in common. We aim to challenge categorization and constraints. In this time where art is under attack; where freedom of expression is put into question, we want to make a stand. Perhaps through sharing our artistic practices we may realise the existence of something more profound, something more uniting… RABBIT/DUCK wants to inspire and challenge our perception, our ways of seeing and experiencing the world. 

No Deadine

NO Deadline

No Deadline is an art initiative based in Gothenburg, Sweden, founded by Toby Kassell and Ingeborg Zackariassen. Since spring 2023, No Deadline is resident at Scen 46 in Majorna, Gothenburg. With a background in dance, we develop interdisciplinary work in collaboration with other artists.